Songs In Progress Launched! 

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming response to my little songwriting adventure.  Next track coming atcha on April 21st.  This series is meant exclusively for my e-mail fan list, but I am sharing the first installment here on the Music Download page so everyone can see what this is about.   It's a free mini-album called Afterlife: The Evolution of a Song.   Or you can hear just final demo SoundCloud

Songs In Progress - Free Song Download Series 

Making records can take a long time.  Way too long.

That's why instead of making you wait until the album release to hear a single note, I would like to start sharing the songwriting and recording process with you.  Starting Sunday, April 7th, I'll begin "Songs In Progress", a series of free songs sent exclusively to my fan e-mail list.  Every two weeks you will receive a download link for a brand new, unreleased song.

My hope is to take you into my home studio so you can see how the songs are taking…Read more

Inside The Songwriter's Workshop 

I have been writing a lot new songs in hopes of releasing a new album in 2013.   I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 22-25 finished songs.   Each of them is in various stages of development.   Some I have already recorded in a proper studio with some fantastic musicians, while others are simple vocal/piano demos recorded in my home studio.   Some are polished, some are raw, some might be rewritten or scrapped altogether.  

Making records can take a long time. So instead of making everyone wait until…Read more

"Goodbye" on Chase Bank Hold Music  

It seems that a lot of folks have been hearing our song, "Goodbye" while on hold with Chase Bank over the last year or so. Many have found us only by creative searches on Google with snippets of lyrics. In an effort make it easier to locate us on the vast interwebs, I am posting all the lyrics here. Hope this helps, and thanks for all the e-mails and new fans coming our way.

You can download the song for free if you sign up for our mailing list. Go to the Download Music page and look for the song under our…Read more

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