New Solo Album Release Slated for Spring 2016 Podcast

My new solo album, entitled Ferris Wheels Unbound, will be released in spring of 2016.   It will feature twelve new songs and be produced by the multi-talented Andy Thompson (who has produced albums by Jeremy Messersmith, Natalie Lovejoy, JeffLittman, Kevin Steinman, among others).  The album artwork (sneak peek above) will be lovingly rendered by Don Bratlund --a very gifted designer, artist, and fellow musician.  The album will also feature a number of amazing musicians who I will highlight over the next… Read more

Finishing Touches on Solo Album 

We recently recorded some horn parts for a song at my home studio.  Cool licks and awesome performances from these talents musicians, Jim Hann, Dave Foley and Andrew Schwandt. 

Still working on the finishing touches to my solo record as you can see. As usual, it has taken twice as long as l expected to finish, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.   When all is said and done, I am looking at a release date sometime in March 2016.   Although the record will be finished long before then, that… Read more

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